The First Phase Of The Mexican Surfboard

Today we celebrate the posting of our 50th strip. I cannot think of a better way to mark this occasion other than with a big finish involving our guests Diablito and Jezebelle from the wonderful webcomic Diablito Del Ring. Paul and I would like to thank Jesse for agreeing to share his characters with us. It was a terrific collaboration that produced great art and great comedy.

Speaking of comedy, this strip is a tribute to the fantastic Andy Kaufman. Kaufman was a huge comic talent who also had a love for wrestling. Before his famous feud with Jerry Lawler, Andy began his career wrestling women. He proclaimed himself the “Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World.” Of course, one could use this photo as evidence that his claim was not entirely accurate.

Finally, it is my sad duty to report the deaths of La Parkita and Espectrito Jr, two midget wrestlers who were murdered in Mexico last week by a gang of hookers.

Next time, more England insights.

– Ben