You can has cameo?  Yes you can has!  It’s not just LOL talk. It’s your opportunity to be in a Woody After Hours comic. You’ll become an instant celebrity and help support a strip you’re growing to moderately like at the same time. Here’s what you do:

First: Take a look at the people who have already gone through the cameo process and are now legen- wait for it – dary.

Raphael H. Abe H. Erin S.
Gabana C. Roland P. David K.
Jonathan G. Otis “Odie” R., Jr. did it twice! Kurt S.
Nikolas T. Jay S. Cass S.
Cassie H. & Brandon S. did it twice! Joey P. Jety and Tristan F.
Michelle C. Frank & Tammy G. Paul G.
Anthony A. Kurt D. for five strips!

Second: Decide how you want to become famous. It’s as easy as A, B or 3:

A. Your name: For $20, your name will appear in a strip. This option is great for impressing strangers while in line at Starbucks.

B. Your company’s name: For $30, your company’s name will appear in a strip. You can’t buy better advertising than that as far as I’m concerned.

3. Your likeness: For $40, your likeness will appear in a strip and interact with WAH characters. This option is a great way to spice up your résumé and stand out among all the other applicants.

Third: Make your selection from the drop down list and click the “Buy Now” button to pay for your order with PayPal. You will have the option to use a credit card if you do not have a PayPal account.

Cameo in a WAH comic options

Fourth: We’ll contact you by email and get the ball rolling regarding the who, what, where, when and why.

Want a desktop wallpaper of the strip that you guest star in? Let us know the dimensions and we’ll send you one absolutely free.

You’d like a friend or loved one in a strip as a gift? That’s brilliant! You’re so thoughtful. No wonder people like you so much. Let’s do it.

Spaces are unlimited, so act now!

The fine print:

All information and materials used in the creation of the Woody After Hours webcomic (hereinafter referred to as the “artwork”) that is commissioned becomes the property of Depth Varies, LLC. This information is not used for any other purpose and is not shared with outside parties. Promise.

Everything in the commissioned artwork (including, but not limited to, concepts, locations, characters, storyline, text, etc) and proceeds from the artwork are the property of Depth Varies, LCC.

Cameos do not include scheduled appearances on the Woody After Hours late-night talk show.  Sorry.

Please be aware that your appearance in the comic will take time. We don’t want to just plop you in somewhere stupid and uncreative, we will make your appearance work within a current or future story arc.

Instant celebrity-ness is not guaranteed. But wouldn’t it be cool if this did, in fact, turn out to be the big break you have always been looking for?

By making your payment you agree to these terms and conditions.