Grumpy Old Man

The outraged snappy dresser originally from New York City is Anthony “Double A” Argenziano, the twenty-second member of the elite Cameo in a WAH Comic club. Anthony recently celebrated a birthday, so his employees thought being featured in a comic strip in which some of his life choices were made fun of was the best way to honor him. In an unrelated story, Anthony will have an extraordinary number of new openings in his department starting tomorrow.

If you’re wondering how an elderly guy, who has the same nickname as a club for alcoholics, can dangle two guys over a balcony without breaking a sweat, the answer is that Double A suffers from a rare disorder called “triathletism.” The guy runs, bikes and swims, and sometimes he does it against a clock, for fun. I’m told it’s an incurable disease. Fortunately, I don’t have it. Also, my couch is in great shape. Coincidence? Maybe.

Do you want to be a member of this exclusive Cameo in a WAH Comic club? Summer is here and the time is right, for financing something neat…like a cameo. Yesh, that was terrible. You can even give it as a gift to someone you love, like or truly despise. We’re really flexible. Avoid the February 2015 rush and order now.

And to those of you in the States: Happy Memorial Day, a day to remember and honor Americans who have died in war.

– Ben