The Dream Supremacy

The authority delegator in today’s comic is University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Libraries cataloger Michelle Cronquist. She is the eighteenth member of the elite Cameo in a WAH Comic club. UNC Chapel Hill purchased a copy of Woody After Hours Volume 1 and Michelle cataloged it as part of the North Carolina Collection. Paul and I are honored to be a part of this “incomparable assemblage of literary, visual, and artifactual materials illustrating four centuries of the colony and state of North Carolina.”

In addition to our book being included in this special collections library, a side benefit of being officially cataloged is that Paul and I now have Library of Congress authority records. It kind of sounds like we’ve been added to a no-fly list, but my wife assures me that being in the Library of Congress authority file is a cool thing that will get me more chicks. She even gave me a cool pickup line to use the next time I find myself alone at a bar in Cleveland: Hey baby, I have a Library of Congress authority file, alongside Ray Bradbury, David Letterman, <your favorite author here>, how yo doin’?

Do you want to be a member of this exclusive Cameo in a WAH Comic club? You could be in a book written and illustrated by people who have Library of Congress street cred. If that’s not something you can brag about at parties and family reunions, then nothing is. You can even give it as a gift to someone you love, like or truly despise. We’re really flexible. Avoid the 2014 rush and order now.

– Ben