You may remember Cassie Hechler and Brandon Smith from their first cameo appearance in WAH. The comic was a gift from Cassie’s father, Glenn. After the strip was published Glenn felt he needed proof that her daughter and future son-in-law actually made it out of the theater alive and safe, so he asked if they could appear again. Well, they narrowly escaped, but they escaped none-the-less.

Cassie and Brandon continue to be the thirteenth members of the elite Cameo in a WAH Comic club. They are planning to be married next year. We can only hope that they find a better place to have their reception than the SWR Theater lobby.

Do you want to be a member of this exclusive Cameo in a WAH Comic club? Christmas is right around the corner and you haven’t finished shopping yet, so why not give a cameo as a gift to someone you love, like or truly despise. We’re really flexible. Don’t wait until the last minute. By then it will be too late.

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