Musical Coercion

I’m officially back in the saddle with the posting of today’s strip. I’d like to thank my esteemed colleague Paul for updating WAH while I was away on tour. Some of you may have noticed that he made a couple of snide comments about having to work in a dungeon. In my defense I’d like to point out that I bought him a nice little fridge and a subscription to Men’s Health magazine. Just sayin’.

With Independence Day around the corner let us turn our attention now to another segment of what we learned while on tour in England. American bars are ok, but honestly…

English pubs rule

We visited on average three pubs a day for ten days. No, really. We’re not alcoholics; it’s just where the free Wi-Fi could usually be found. Pubs come in many shapes and sizes, but they all contain certain characteristics that make them an excellent place to hang out, eat and drink. For me it’s the combination of the antique wood that makes up the bar and the large shiny beer handles that sit up top. There’s just something really cool about how that looks. But I could never enjoy it for too long because…

Pubs close too bloody early

I was disappointed to find out that almost every English pub we visited closed before or at midnight. Midnight? That’s 7:00 PM EST. I’ve still got hours of ambiance-soaking to do. And those three Danish women are smiling at me. Who cares if they’re 70 years old? There are three of them. Stop ringing that last call bell and pour me another Diet Coke, I mean pint of your best ale. Hey! Ow! Let go! Don’t push me out the door. I want to spend more moneyyyyyyyyy.

Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone.

– Ben