“App” Is Tech Speak For “Application”

It’s time once again for What I Learned in England. Today, I’d like to share my unbiased opinion that…

Sticky toffee pudding is the greatest dessert ever made

Until recently my favorite dessert after breakfast, lunch and dinner was tiramisu. Now, however, I think of nothing all day other than returning to an English pub where my mouth may once again massage a spoonful of the deliciousness that is sticky toffee pudding. Words cannot accurately encompass the fullness of this dessert. It is so complicated and yet so simple. It is chic and at the same time it is ordinary. It arouses with flavor and mellows with contentment. I can’t understand why we don’t have sticky toffee pudding here in the States. If someone opens up a sticky toffee pudding restaurant in the Triangle I will work there for free. But, if you’re like me and want to wash it down with something to drink, make sure you go to an ATM first because…

The price of Diet Coke is ridiculously high

With the exception of the Hamptons, American restaurants of all shapes and sizes have embraced relatively cheap soda and free refills. To me, as an addict, this is good business sense. English restaurants, however, have not come even remotely close to embracing this. To me, as an addict, this is extremely annoying. We’ve embraced Simon Cowell and Amy Winehouse; the least they could do is embrace our need for a refill or two of carbonated goodness while eating. I witnessed a ten year old buy a pint of beer from a vending machine in front of Buckingham Palace for ten pence. Yet I had to show my passport, bring two character references and spend 20 pounds just to get 100 ml of my life-juice. Ok, those last two sentences may not be entirely accurate, but you understand my frustration. I plan to raise this with Parliament of England the next time I’m in the area.

I’m wrapping this up on Friday. See you then.

– Ben