Late Late Show Highlights

On Monday night (or, technically, very early Tuesday morning), Drew Carey hosted The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as an April Fool’s Day prank that everyone already knew about well in advance.

Overall I thought Drew did a pretty decent job. He had some funny moments, especially during “Tweetmail,” was charismatic and even managed to squeeze in a little bit about himself while talking with his second guest, and fellow Clevelander, Connie Schultz. Drew’s first guest was Carl Reiner. He told some amusing stories, but the interview felt way too short. Joan Jett rocked a little bit, and even got to spend a few minutes on the couch.

It wasn’t a great episode, but it was a unique one, and is therefore worth watching in its entirety. The person who posted the show on YouTube was kind enough to attach an interview that Drew and Craig did on The Talk on Monday. It’s not bad, but easy to skip if you’re not in the mood. This video doesn’t include Joan Jett’s actual performance, but the second clip does.

Good show, with bonus points for uniqueness. I give it:


Meanwhile, Craig hosted The Price Is Right on Tuesday. The show was a lot of fun, and Craig did a nice job. It was hilarious to see his expression of disbelief whenever a contestant won. Here it is:

– Woody

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