Conan Highlights

Conan is in Dallas this week. Ordinarily, I would devote both late-night talk show reviews to a special event such as this, but Drew Carey hosting The Late Late Show Monday night was too good to resist.

Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits from last night’s episode:

I’ve been eating so much here. Last night I tried to eat healthy, so I went to Dallas’ vegetarian restaurant. Yeah, they actually served a barbeque vegetarian.

I like the way that you Texans abbreviate things. I think that’s cool. “How do you do” became “howdy.” “You all” became “y’all.” And “hell on Earth” became “El Paso.”

Baseball season started this week. I found out something fun: turns out that for five hundred dollars you can have your marriage proposal shown live on the Jumbotron at the Astros’ baseball stadium. Yeah, it’s also the only way Astros’ fans will get to see anyone receive a ring.

The comedy segment bits were “Let’s Mess with Texas” and “Conan Catapult.” They were silly, but I’ll allow ‘em:

Simon Helberg was the only couch guest. He’s one of the stars on The Big Bang Theory. The interview was good. Simon was pleasant, funny and told some interesting stories. He was kind enough to fly to Dallas while his wife is a few days from giving birth to their second child. Here’s most of the interview:

Eli Young Band was the musical guest. They gave a fine performance.

Entertaining show with bonus points for being on the road. I give it:


– Woody

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