Tonight Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

They mystery is over. The winner has been revealed. After a month of waiting it turns out an 84 year-old woman in Florida has won the 590 million dollar Powerball Lottery. As for how much tax she’s going to have to pay, the IRS says it’s too soon to tell cause they don’t know if she’s a republican or a democrat.

President Obama has called on Congress to pass a “media shield law” which would allow reporters to do their jobs without fear of government prosecution. Yeah, we have that, it’s called the First Amendment.

This Friday the president of China will be right here in California. He says the purpose of his visit is to strengthen Chinese ties with the Mexican people.

A new study says that 20% of women in their forties would describe themselves as “very happy.” While only 1% of women in their forties would describe themselves a woman in her forties.

The comedy segment was Ask Jay Anything. There were enough good jokes here that I can recommend watching it:

Danny McBride was the first couch guest. He’s in the upcoming film This Is The End. The interview was fine. Danny was nice and told some amusing stories. Honestly, he’s not the most exciting person in the world, but he did well enough that I’m going to throw him a bone and post the first half of the interview:

Khloe Kardashian Odom was the second couch guests. She is one of the stars of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The interview was decent. If you’re interested in how Khloe and her extended family are doing, then you’d probably be interested in the updates she shared. If, like me, you couldn’t care less, then the only positive thing I can say about her appearance was that she made the Danny McBride interview super interesting by comparison.

The Wanted was the musical guest. I guess they still make bands like this. That’s too bad.

Mediocre show. I give it:


– Woody

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