Late Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Show with David Letterman:

Welcome to New York City, the city that’s always got something going on. You know what it is right now: the bike-sharing program. If you’re from out of town take advantage of the bike-sharing program. It couldn’t be simpler: you pick one up, you ride it and then you get rid of it. It’s like a Taylor swift boyfriend.

You guys like baseball? Over the weekend at Yankee Stadium there’s a baseball fan who’s 102 years-old. But this really was cute: during the game the 102 year-old guy actually caught a foul ball. And, he gave it to a little 70 year-old sitting near him.

Anthony Weiner used to be a congressman, now running for mayor. He participated in a parade over the weekend, and he was actually booed. That sounds bad, but this will tell you the kinda mayor this guy will be: he didn’t just them boo him, he responded. And I kinda like that. He showed a little spine. When he was booed Anthony Weiner gave them the finger. Wait a minute, you know, come to think of it, maybe that wasn’t his finger.

The comedy segments were Tips for Grilling, Top Ten Other Names Considered by Vin Diesel and Chris Christie Is Not Fat Jokes. All three were entertaining, but only two of them are available to watch:

Neil Patrick Harris was the first couch guest. He’s hosting the Tony Awards this coming Sunday. The interview was very good. I’m a huge NPH fan, so, naturally, I thought he was terrific, charismatic and funny. I get the impression, however, that NPH and Letterman don’t necessarily get along. I may be misinterpreting it, but it just seemed like there was something off in their conversation. Here’s the interview, tell me if you agree:

Tony Kanaan was the second couch guest. He won the 2013 Indianapolis 500. The interview was also very good. Tony was pleasant, amusing and told some interesting stories. Dave is a huge race fan, so they’re conversation felt a lot more genuine than with his first guest. Here’s the interview:

Frank Turner was the musical guests. He did a really nice job:

Great show. I give it:


– Woody

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