Late Night Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

After last week’s debate polls show Obama trailing Mitt Romney by one point. Yeah, one point, or as it’s also known: the think Obama failed to make during last week’s debate.

The vice presidential debate is just three days away. Both sides are busy getting ready. Republican candidate Paul Ryan said that he expects Joe Biden to come at him like a cannonball. Biden was like, “There gonna be a pool there?”

During a concert last night in Spain, Lady Gaga threw up several times while she was on stage. Justin Bieber said, “Hey, cool, she’s covering one of my songs.”

The comedy segment was My Do Not Play List. It had some funny moments, but there weren’t enough to justify watching all ten minutes.

Ben Affleck was the first couch guest. He directs and stars in the movie Argo. The interview was fine, but it primarily centered on promoting his new film. Don’t get me wrong, it was an interesting discussion, I just wish they had spent more time talking about other things as well. Ben has a very interesting life, and it would have been nice to learn more about it. Here’s most of the interview:

Connie Britton was the second couch guest. She is on the show Nashville. The interview was good, but not long enough. Connie was fun, and she genuinely enjoyed talking to Jimmy. It would have been nice if they had had longer to chat. Here’s most of the interview:

Cesar Millan was the third couch guest. He is a professional dog trainer. The interview was ok, but it suffered greatly from being too short and from Fallon not having his priorities straight. Fallon spent the first ninety seconds on Cesar’s interesting childhood and the plight of dogs around the world, but then spent the remaining five minutes forcing his guest to share the couch with his new dog. That wasn’t cool. Here’s a clip.

Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon was the musical guest. He gave a fine performance.

Decent show. I give it:

– Woody

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