Conan Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits from last night’s Conan:

A report claims Apple has so much cash it can afford to give every American 556 dollars. Apple responded by saying, “Or, we could release a slightly different iPhone, and everyone could give us 556 dollars.”

The new Surgeon General says health officials are in desperate need of clarity about e-cigarettes. Specifically, they need guidelines on whether they’re for douchebags or asshats.

At her confirmation hearing today, Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch declared that waterboarding is torture. Yeah, but then she said it’s still not as bad as the new Johnny Depp movie.

The comedy segment bits included “’Adele’ Sings ‘Skymall’.” It was great. I only wish it had been longer:

Katherine Heigl was the first couch guest. She co-stars on the television show State of Affairs. The interview was good. Katherine was fun, open and told some amusing stories. I liked the flashback of Conan’s first interview with Katherine’s on Late Night in 1993. It’s always neat to see how much late-night talk show hosts have grown over the years. Here’s the first half of the interview:

Drew Brees was the second couch guest. He is a quarterback for the New Orleans Saints football team. The interview was fine. Drew was kind, relaxed and shared some interesting tidbits. While I enjoyed watching Drew toss the pigskin around, I was a little annoyed that the segment ended with a two minutes commercial for the Microsoft Surface. I mean, seriously Conan, was that really necessary? This was my favorite clip from the interview:

Milo Greene was the musical guest. They gave a decent performance:

Entertaining show. I give it:


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