Jimmy Kimmel Live! Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

We have a big show for you tonight. One the heels of winning one of the craziest football games ever last night, from the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski is here. Rob is 6’ 6” and 265 lbs., so if anyone knows any good Polish jokes, this might be a good night to keep them to yourself.

Super Bowl 49 was the most watched television show in the history of the United States – even bigger than the final episode of Caroline in the City. More than 114 million Americans watched the Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks. It was a wild game. The Patriots came back from down ten points; it was the largest second-half comeback in Super Bowl history. Say what you want, you’ve got to hand it to the Patriots. Although, Pete Carroll is insisting that you pass it to the Patriots.

In Las Vegas we bet a thousand dollars each on ten different Super Bowl scenarios. The plan was to give all the money the MaxLove Project, which is a charity that helps fight childhood cancer. Of the ten bets, we lost eight of them. Technically, the charity now owes us.

The comedy segment bit was “Plizzanet Earth” It was too quick to care about.

Rob Gronkowski was the first couch guest. He is a tight end for the New England Patriots football team. The interview was entertaining. Rob was nice, fun and shared some amusing tidbits. I’ve seen Rob as a guest on Whose Line and Conan before this, and considered him to be a charismatic and talented guy. After seeing him on JKL now as well I’d add generous and someone who truly seems to appreciate his life and his family. Here’s the interview:

After a break Jimmy asked Rob if he’d read some erotic fan fiction. It was great:

Eva Longoria was the second couch guest. She is part of the PBS documentary A Path Appears. The interview was good. Eva was sweet, engaged and told some interesting stories. I like it when Eva is on with Jimmy because the two of them have terrific chemistry together. The whole interview is worth watching, but it’s not available, so here’s a clip that is:

“Wee-Z Top,” a mashing together of ZZ Top and Weezer, was the musical guest. They gave a fine, but crowded performance.

Enjoyable show. I give it:


– Woody

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