Late Show Highlights

It’s time once again for DaveIn6: (Vines run muted by default, mouse over the video and click the icon in the upper-left corner for sound.

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Show with David Letterman:

Are you aware of this; apparently there is a shortage of turkeys. The White House stepped in, so people wouldn’t panic, and said yes, there is a turkey shortage, but don’t worry; it’s only a website problem.

Anybody see The Hunger Games over the weekend? What a movie. I saw it. It’s Hunger Games: Won by a Guy from Kenya.

This year Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah are on the same day. I’m no theologian, but I think what that means is eight days of leftovers.

The comedy segment bit was an interview with the CBS chief foreign correspondent in London. It was mildly enjoyable, so we’re going to skip it

Josh Hutcherson was the first couch guest. He stars in the new movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The interview was mediocre. This wasn’t Josh’s fault; he was a nice guy who was attempting to have a meaningful conversation. No, the reason why the interview wasn’t very good was because Dave spent more than half of it forcing Josh to talk about Jennifer Lawrence. It’s Letterman’s show, and he can do what he wants, but I thought this was rude and unfair. Josh was the guest, and the focus should have been on him.

Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo was the second couch guest. He has a Sirius XM channel and hosts a sports program on it. The interview was great. Chris was his typical animated, funny and passionate self. His outbursts and inability to sit still were entertaining to say the least. Dave, meanwhile, was refreshingly engaged in the discussion the entire time. When he’s actually interested is a topic he really comes alive and makes an effort. Here’s the interview:

Sky Ferreira was the musical guest. She was fine.

An ok show. I give it:


– Woody

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