Late Late Show Highlights

Yesterday was Memorial Day here in the (can’t tell if we’re still) United States. All the late-night talk shows were reruns with the exception of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The episode was recorded well before Memorial Day, and it was kinda obvious that Craig’s energy level was lower than normal, but at least they made the effort.

The cold open was decent enough to recommend:

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

It is, of course, Memorial Day when we honor the men and women who defended this country. To them I say “Thank you.” And every year as Americans we celebrate Memorial Day the best way we know how: by having sales at mattress stores and car dealerships.

A lot of Americans get a three-day weekend. Not this American. I’ve been a citizen for five years, how long before I get a day off? The only way I could get a day off is if I somehow pre-tapped a show, but I just wouldn’t do that.

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer. During summer I always sleep with the bedroom window open, that way I can enjoy the breeze and watch my neighbor take a shower. You’d do the same if you lived next to Lou Diamond Phillips.

The comedy segment was Tweetmail. It was pretty entertaining:

Sir Ben Kingsley was the first couch guest. He is in film Iron Man 3. The interview was good. Ben is a constant professional and Craig is a goofy adult child, so technically their conversation shouldn’t work, yet for the most part it did. Ben did his best be amusing, and Craig tried (for almost a minute) to be a little more professional. Here’s the interview:

Alia Shawkat was the second couch guest. She is on the show Arrested Development. The interview was disappointing. I’m a huge fan of Arrested Development, and have always liked Alia on it, so I was happy when I learned she was on the show. It became apparent very quickly, however, that she didn’t want to be there. She seemed uncomfortable and unhappy. Consequently, I didn’t enjoy watching her.

The closing segment can be skipped.

Fine show with bonus points for airing a new episode on a holiday. I give it:


– Woody

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