Tonight Show Highlights

I really enjoy the way Andy Richter announces the opening of the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. It’s got just the right mixture of, “I love you Conan” and “Thanks for giving me my old job back dude.” Plenty of good monologue jokes tonight. Here were my favorites:

His opening joke was hilarious:

In South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who’s trying to bounce back from his sex scandal, has cleared his schedule this week to take a personal trip with his wife. Isn’t that nice? Yeah. Sanford said he wanted to go somewhere exotic and romantic, but he’s going to get this trip with his wife out of the way first.

Yesterday Democrats in the House introduced a one-thousand page national healthcare plan. To make sure at least some people read it they named it Harry Potter and the Half Pound Proposal.

In a recent interview Levi Johnston said that Sarah Palin could never handle the responsibility of being President. Then he said, “Ah hell, where did I leave that

A radical Islamic group is holding a rally in Chicago to try and replace the current world order with a global Islamic government. That’s what they want to do. Yeah. They said they chose Chicago because it’s the only place you can fill a stadium full of fanatics devoted to a lost cause.

The desk segments were pretty decent. Not hilarious, but pretty decent:

Dana Carvey was the first couch guest. I’ve enjoyed Dana since his SNL days. He’s very funny and talented. He has an immense amount of energy huge and his impersonations are great. The first half of the interview is worth watching:

The second half was ok, but not required viewing.

Anthony Anderson was the second couch guest. I haven’t watched him on Law and Order, but I’ve seen him in a few movies and thought he either held his own with the stars of the movies or stole the scenes he was in altogether. He didn’t disappoint this time either. He had Conan had good chemistry and the interview was funny.

Allison Iraheta was the musical guest. For a sixteen year-old she did a nice job covering Heart’s Barracuda. Better than I could have done, for sure.

I’m kinda torn between a B+ and an A- for the overall show. I think I’ll go with an A- because of the Levi joke. That’s just how I roll.

– Woody

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