Late Show Highlights

Congratulations to the Late Show with David Letterman for their Emmy nomination for Outstanding Variety Series. They certainly deserve it. Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s episode:

Now we’re starting to hear other reports about Bernie Madoff. And today a New York City call girl announced that she had sex with Bernie Madoff. And I said, “What a minute. You’re telling me someone actually made money from Bernie Madoff?”

News from the world of television now, it looks like Paula Abdul may not be going back to American Idol. Yeah, she may not be going back to American Idol, and that means President Obama has to nominate another new judge.

We landed on the moon forty years ago and listen to this, NASA – because they’ve got other things going on, but this really seems dopey to me – they lost the master tapes of the moon landing. Well, c’mon, these guys aren’t exactly rocket scientists.

The desk segments included a story about a woman in the audience, a conversation with the late Walter Cronkite and the Top Ten List. Dave had another segment planned, but informed everyone that it would to have to wait because Paul hadn’t finished the theme music for it. Overall, there were a few chuckles.

Katherine Heigl was the first couch guest. I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, so I wasn’t familiar with her before last night, but I quickly grew to like her. She was fun, had a great sense of humor and laughed a lot during her time with Dave. I also enjoyed her energy level. It wasn’t ridiculously high or nervously low. Everything I just mentioned can be seen in this clip where she and Dave talk about their dogs. Overall I liked Dave and Katherine’s chemistry and thought that the interview was good.

Jeff Altman was the second couch guest. He’s a stand-up comedian, but he did his routine sitting down and talking with Dave instead of in front of the microphone on the monologue stage. He was pretty funny and made some good jokes.

Spinerette was the musical guest. They were fine.

Overall, I give the show a B.

– Woody

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