Late Night Highlights

It’s time once again for a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon fix. It’s been almost a month since I last reviewed a Late Night show, and one of the things I have missed most has been the opening music by The Roots. Of all the late night shows, I gotta give it to The Roots for providing music that gets me pumped to watch the show. Ok, let’s get to my favorite monologue jokes:

Today is National French Fries day everybody. So hopefully this will help get the word out about french fries.

In Austin, Texas a man was arrested for stealing beer and trying to hide it in his underwear. The officer said, “Do you have anything to say in your defense?” And he’s like, “Beer nuts!”

The desk segments included Jimmy recounting his visit to the White House on July 4th, a new episode of 7th Floor West and Cell Phone Shootout. I wish I had a clip to show you of Jimmy talking about meeting the President and Michelle Obama. It was absolutely hilarious. Here’s a piece of it:

I walk in, I’m wearing a suit, I’m the only guy wearing a suit in the whole place. I get there and they both start laughing at me cause I’m wearing a suit and I’m sweating. He goes like, “Are you hot.” And she’s like, “You look hot. Should you loosen your tie or something?” And then they both start laughing for five seconds. Then he goes, “Didn’t you get the memo, it’s a bar-b-que.”

7th Floor West is a takeoff on The Hills, but you don’t need to know anything about The Hills to enjoy this segment. I think it’s very well done and very funny. You can check out all eight episodes at their website.

Cell Phone Shootout was good. Every time I start to watch this segment I think to myself, “This will not be good.” But then it always turns out to be good. Check it out:

The couch guest interviews flew by. Dylan McDermott was first. He stars in a new show called Dark Blue which premieres tomorrow. The interview was fine. Dylan told a story about sod that took up most of his time. After that they had a bumper car race through the studio:

Wendy Williams was the second couch guest. Her new talk show started yesterday. She was nice and energetic. If we ever met I think I’d spend the whole time fearing that she would accidentally break me in half.

Chef Sam Talbot was the third couch guest. For me Sam was the most entertaining of the three guests because Sam cooked and Jimmy “assisted.” And, hey, he’s from North Carolina. Cool.

Overall, I give the show a solid B.

– Woody

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