Late Show and Late Night Highlights

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my fans in Mexico. I’m not if I have any, but I like to cover my bases just in case.

Anyone see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?  The monologue had three jokes worth mentioning.

Did you guys see the Kentucky Derby this weekend? Fifty to one long shot. Mine That Bird won. That means if you put a thousand dollars on Mine That Bird to win, you have a serious gambling problem.

A Swiss pilot has designed a pair of jet propelled wings, and is planning to use them to fly across the Grand Canyon. Experts are saying that the wings will be a huge hit… with the bottom of that canyon.

A Radio Shack employee was arrested after he punched a customer who was trying to return an item. The employee is being charged with assault, but because it’s Radio Shack, battery is not included.

Here are the two desk segments. They were decently entertaining and have some funny moments:

Jennifer Aniston was Fallon’s first guest. How was it? Well, check out these clips:

Donald Faison was Jimmy’s second guest. I’m a big fan of Donald. I think he’s hilarious on Scrubs. I wish I had clips to share. The interview was totally geeky. Donald is a “gigantic” Empire Strikes Back fan. Jimmy asked him what kind of Star Wars movie he would pitch to George Lucas. Donald’s answer was: The Chronicles of Lando Calrissian, staring Donald Faison.

Adele was the musical guest. She was on Letterman back in March. She’s still good.

Also, I caught up on the Late Show with David Letterman episodes from last week. Man, that guy is a great entertainer. There are some good clips I recommend checking out:

Dolly Parton has a bad NY trip

Dave’s monologue with a bad case of laryngitis

Dave doctors a damaged Jennifer Garner

Regis Philbin rants about Dave

Top Ten Signs You’re at a Bad Zoo

Kiefer Sutherland admits to being tortured

And, with a thick German accent, for my buddy Roger:

Woodcrest OUT!

– Woody

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