Tonight Show Highlights

Anyone see the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night? There were a couple of good monologue jokes:

You know who’s really worried about this swine flu? Kevin Bacon.

Scientists say this isn’t even swine flu technically. It’s a mixture of pig, human and bird flu. Usually the only place you find that is in a hot dog.

The police chief of Olmsted County Ohio was caught masturbating in a public park with another man while sitting in a parked car. See, that’s when you know there isn’t a lot of crime in your town. Now, would that be a carjacking?

Police in Australia say they found a dead man with over twenty nail shots in his head. Guy had twenty nails fired from a nail gun in his skull. Turns out it was an accidently death. Poor guy was just trying to put a desk together from IKEA.

And that was really all I had time to watch. What can I say? I’m a busy guy sometimes. See you next week.

– Woody

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