Wear Your Addiction On Your Sleeve

You can actually purchase that shirt at our store. True story.

I think it’s important to make clear that not everything moment I spent at the NC State Fair last weekend involved food. Most of them did, but not all of them. You may not believe this, but I do have evidence:

This was actually hilarious to watch. Kids actually got to walk on water, collide with others and fall down all without getting wet. Why didn’t they have anything like this when I was a younger?

This is Rock-It The Robot. He walked around the fair and rocked out.

Cutest animal of the day goes to this little guy.

I met the guys who invented the World’s Largest Gummy Bear and Gummy Worm.

Rock-It The Robot literally drove circles around a juggling woman on stilts.

This human statue was a crowd favorite. I was lucky to snap a picture of her during the one second that someone else wasn’t posing with her.

Ok. I’m officially done. Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben