Second-Hand Marketing

You’ve waited all weekend; here is the third and final piece of my interview with the man who puts Odori Park on the interwebs, Mr. Chris Watkins:

WAH: What area of your webcomic do you think needs to be improved upon?

CW: Speed is a constant concern–that balancing act between efficiency and craft. I also think I could stand to hit more punchlines out of the park, but I’m still a bit of a perfectionist. Only the readers can decide if Odori Park is funny to them.

WAH: What are you doing when you’re not working on your webcomic?

CW: Oh, I have two Sprouts of my own to raise, my lovely wife, and a voluminous day job that keeps us in fish and rice. I have all sorts of neglected geeky hobbies, but the games and what-have you take a back seat these days to family and to drawing comics. I get the itch fairly often, but time pressure certainly helps you focus your priorities.

I saved my favorite Japanese game show clip for last. It’s long but totally worth watch. It is just incredibly hilarious:


– Ben