Return Of The Ninja

**Update to my post on Friday: Apparently I don’t win a new car, a month-long all-expense-paid trip to Paris and a year’s supply of butter if I convince you guys to buy the most books. Sorry for any confusion. Regardless, consider reading the sales pitch below.**


A little while ago Paul and I submitted a WAH comic to the Webcomics: What’s Cooking cookbook project. Well, they are down to their last 1,000 cookbooks, and their goal is to sell them and donate the proceeds to the National Food Banks by this Thanksgiving.

The cookbook is only $15, and they are reducing the cost of it an additional 5% if you click on the banner below and use the code Ben (case sensitive) when you check out.

So, please, purchase a copy of the cookbook for yourself or someone who enjoys cooking. It’s 100 pages of fun Webcomics and great recipes, and you’ll be helping people in need.

– Ben