Over The Top

I wonder how many spousal disagreements have resulted in an arm wrestling match in order to pick a winner. I searched online but couldn’t find any government- or private-funded studies on the subject. If anyone is interested in learning the answer, and has the money to fund the research, I’ll be happy to take a year or two to run the project. I think the results will shock us all.

It turns out “wrestling” is a hard word to rhyme. My only good option was “nestling.” After countless hours of thinking and writing, I just couldn’t figure out how to fit a bird that is too young to leave its nest into a story about a married couple arguing over a scooter. I mean, sure, if the bird was older, then it would have been pretty simple to integrate, but when it’s too young the whole thing doesn’t make any sense.

Had I planned this arc out better I would have had them play Monopoly to settle the issue, cause then I could have used the word “sloppily.” Oh well, maybe next time.

– Ben