More Than Meets The Eye

This past Saturday Woody After Hours reached its four-year anniversary. Yay us!

You’ll be happy to know that Paul and I celebrated this milestone in very fitting ways. I wrote more WAH scripts, and Paul drew today’s awesome comic. I’m still waiting for confirmation, but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any cake.

Speaking of nothing I just talked about, remember the rumor flying around that Jay Leno will retire in 2014 and Jimmy Fallon will take over the Tonight Show I linked to last week? Well, that rumor is not dying down, in fact, it is doing exactly the opposite.

Meanwhile, there’s a new late-night rumor that is starting to pick up some steam. I’ll just let the headline of the New York Post article sink in:

Ready or not, NBC’s ‘grooming’ Stern to follow Fallon

– Ben