Andy and Jeff are really trying to make progress in the lemonade-making area. Check out this week’s Lemon Inc. to see how they’re doing so far.

Here is the second part of my interview with Tim Lai. Now, remember, Tim is from Canada, and Canadians are difficult to understand because they like to mix English and French words in the same sentence in order to feel superior to foreigners, who they typically look down on with disgust. So, after each response I have translated what he said into American.

WAH: What is the main goal you’d like to achieve for yourself with your webcomic?

TL: My main goal is to have fun with it. That’s an important one. My other main goal is to have a creative outlet that I can use to motivate myself to improve my art and writing by giving myself deadlines and a potential audience to put me in a better position to embark on me next creative endeavor.

Translation: We are secretly amassing an army to take back what you call “Alaska.”

WAH: What is the main goal you’d like to achieve for your fans with your webcomic?

TL: I would like it if, years from now, my readers could look back on my archives and see that the characters have changed and grown. I’d like them to feel that they understand each of the characters’ unique qualities and love and hate each of them for different reasons. Of course my comic loses all appeal if the characters change or grow at all in a literal, external way so I’m considering putting them through an extreme amount of emotional, internal growth while they’re still children. This would play up my comic’s premise which is about what it really means to grow up. I think it will create some (hopefully many) funny moments as well. This would allow me to tell the kind of jokes where you laugh, not because the guy farted, but because Jeff farted, and you have a strong emotional connection to Jeff, and by association, the fart. I haven’t had much sleep recently…

Translation: We are also seriously considering building a border fence in order to make it harder for you to enter our country illegally. All you Americans seem to do is take jobs away from hungry Canadians while burdening our health care and school systems. And you smell funny.

The final installment of my interview with Tim will be on Friday. Stay tuned.

– Ben