Idol Chatter

Once again Paul and I are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with a webcomic artist and produce something really frickin cool. Edmund Finney’s Quest to find the Meaning of Life is a very inventive webcomic, and Dan is a super-nice guy who has been great to work with. We appreciate that he was able to make time in his busy schedule to bring Edmund to Woody After Hours, and we’re really excited about the strips that are coming up.

Jesse and I had a table at What the Hell?! Con this past Saturday in Greensboro, North Carolina. The table was covered with big and colorful prints, four different promotional fliers and 20 unique superhero sketch cards. All in all it was an impressive array of merchandise. None if it was WAH-related, mind you, but it was still very impressive. I attended some good sessions, met some good people, ate some good food and generally had a good time.

Last, but not least, check out this Late Show promo that ran during the Super Bowl:


You can read the story behind the promo here at

– Ben