His Costume Would Consist Of Silk And Velour

Here is an exclusive sneak peak of the opening scene of my debut television smash hit: The Smoother.

Secret Smoother Sanctum – Saturday, Sunset

The Smoother relaxes face down on his beanbag sectional. He is receiving a deep tissue back rub from a licensed massage therapist. Jazz music streaming from the internet plays from his laptop on the coffee table. A glass of bourbon and a small scented candle are also on the table. His cell phone rings.

Smoother (answering the phone): Smoother.

Police Captain: Smoother, two doctors in the city hospital cafeteria are debating Obama’s health care bill. Witnesses say the discussion is heating up. We suspect one of them may have a scalpel in his coat pocket. It’s a delicate situation. One of the doctors is scheduled to perform surgery within the hour. For the love of all that is good will you save us?

Smoother: The Smoother is on his way to save the day.

The Smoother hangs up the phone and rises from the couch. He takes a sip of bourbon and then kisses the massage therapist lightly on the cheek. He grabs his six month-old kitten sidekick, Whiskers, who was sleeping on the windowsill. They jump on The Smoother Segway and zoom off into the treacherous evening to smooth out yet another conflict.

– Ben