Dragon Lady

d20_logo_newThe three opinionated individuals dealing damage with their attack rolls are, from left to right, Brett, Sam and Mel from the webcomic d20Monkey. You might be getting a Dungeons & Dragons vibe from this strip.  Dungeon Master, and d20Monkery artist, Brian Patterson verifies your feelings:

d20Monkey focuses on the lives of a pair of lifelong gamer buddies (Sam and Brett), following their encounters around the game table and the odd trials and tribulations (table drama, relationships, the legacy of Santa Claus, and The Boner Fairy) that come from living in the world of d20Monkey.

Brian wanted me to mention that his comic has just begun the annual Christmas arc. This is a big deal because, and I quote, “Brian is a total hooker for Christmas.”

I will also point out that Brian is a very nice guy who helped Paul and I out immensely by loaning us his characters with very little notice. I hear he’s also very handsome, but I have not been able to independently verify that. I do know that he keeps calling me “sir,” which I believe he does because he doesn’t know how to spell “Ben.” It’s actually quite simple; you just type “Been” and then remove the first ‘e’. Don’t remove the second ‘e’ instead, that would be wrong.

– Ben