Did Anybody Else See That?

Gather around and have a seat everyone, for I have a story to tell.

There is a man in Texas who goes by the name Scott Kurtz. Scott is the creator of the webcomic Player vs. Player, and is considered by many, including myself, to be a giant in the webcomic community. I would estimate that there are less than a dozen or so giants currently roaming the Earth, and Scott is one of them.

Yesterday Scott was streaming on PVP-TV, critiquing webcomics in order to help guide those who are in, and who hope to one day be in, the glamorous world of comics on the web. When he asked for another webcomic to review, Paul, who you may recall is the artist behind Woody After Hours, was listening to the live stream, heard Scott’s cry for help and thought to himself, “Hmm, maybe I’ll pass him the link to WAH. What could possibly go wrong?” And then Paul did just that.

Scott proceeded to review our comic, live, in front of a global web audience. I regret to inform you that I missed 90% of what he said. I know there are some things he liked, and I know there are some things he suggested we update. Overall, however, his opinion of the little world that we have created thus far was more-or-less positive.

Now, if my story ended there, I’d consider that more than enough to call it a win. But stay seated cause there’s more. At the end of Scott’s WAH critique he took the extra step of twittering the following:


(The tiny URL goes to WAH in case you’re wondering.)

So, now, we’re at a whole new level of holy moly! Scott, a webcomic giant, has just told his 18,000+ followers to visit our website.

So, within seconds, the itty-bitty little server our comic resides on stood up, raised his hand in the air to get everyone’s attention, and said in a low voice, “Uh, guys, I really can’t handle the responsibility, so I’m just going to lay down and take a long nap until this is over.” And then it did.

So, picture me, if you will, good looking of course, sitting at my desk, trying to comprehend the immense opportunity that Scott has just handed us, followed by the dread that is the fact that no one can access our comic. It’s really not that funny, but if you feel like chuckling I won’t blame you…too much.

Two hours, and a lot of work by people much calmer than I, later and we’re back up and running.

I’d like to thank the following people:

Paul for having the guts to alert Scott to our comic. I would not have had said guts.

Scott for twittering that people should check us out. We are sincerely honored. I hope someday he knows that, since I don’t have the guts to email him and tell him.

Jerry, the guy who got us on a bigger server and back up within two hours. He’s a hell of a guy. Seriously, a hell of a guy. Someone should buy him an expensive beer.

Paul, the creator of the WAH website, for helping Jerry out and virtually holding my hand during my freak-out.

And that, my friends, is my story.

– Ben