Developing Seasons

With today’s strip we’ve looked into the future of all the WAH characters we had room for. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it and found it interesting. If you’re curious about anyone else in the WAH-verse then please let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to share their future with you. Mr. Q already asked about Refrigerator Ninja in the comments of this strip, in case you’re interested in learning his fate.

Don’t forget: we still have one week of strips left.

Wednesday was April Fool’s Day here in the States-that-will-never-be-United-in-my-life-time, and late-night talk show hosts were not immune from being pranked. Jimmy Kimmel was pranked twice, once by Rihanna and then by Will Arnett. They’re pretty funny. My favorite, however, is Katie Couric’s prank on James Corden. It’s terrific:

Thanks for hanging out with us. Have a great weekend.

– Woody