Cloudy With A Chance Of Nemesis

Nemesis is back! If you need a quick refresher on the tussling that has already done occurred with Woody’s foeiest of foes you can start here.

It’s not too late to send your most heartfelt birthday wishes to Paul. I mean, technically, it is too late, as his birthday was Sunday, but I believe he is accepting birthday wishes through Wednesday. You can leave him a comment here at WAH, you can spend up to 140 of your daily allotment of precious characters on his Twitter page, or you call him on his cell phone. If you need his number just let me know.

Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend. Paul and I are planning on attending. We won’t have a table, but we will be sneaking into other people’s tables and pretending they are ours. I’m sure that plan will work out fine.

– Ben