But It Wasn’t Enough To Support The Thug Life

I was pleasantly surprised to learn yesterday that Woody After Hours has a Facebook fan page. Please join us and become a fan. I understand there might be cookies.

After some sleuthing I discovered that the fan page was started by my good friend Brian. Thank you very much Brian. This doesn’t, however, excuse you from the dinner you still owe me.

One, or maybe even two, of you might wonder how in the world I came up with today’s strip. After my last full time job ended I had lunch with a group of former co-workers who had been especially good to me. Since I was now unemployed, one of them asked what I planned to do next. I responded that I was thinking of becoming a gangster rapper. This caused another person at the table to laugh hysterically for almost two minutes.

I figured if the joke was good enough for her, it would be good enough for the rest of you.

– Ben