And May The Pops Be Ever In Your Flavor

I was thinking of going with “sodas” instead of “pops” in the title of today’s strip. I wasn’t sure if people would get that “pop” is a synonym for “cola.” Luckily the internet provided me with a map that said the United States is 50/50 either way. I’m interested in what word other countries use. Anyone wanna share?

So, yeah, I recently saw The Hunger Games film. It was a reasonably enjoyable experience. I had issues with certain aspects of the plot, but since I haven’t read the books my concerns may be related to the inherent difficulty of transferring a book’s story to the big screen.

I know that if WAH is ever made into a movie some of the humor will get lost in translation. It’s just inevitable. At the same time, Woody would be played by Ryan Gossling, so everything else probably wouldn’t matter.

Thanks for hanging out with us for another week. Paul and I hope we have entertained you at least a little bit. Have a great weekend.

– Ben