Arsenio Hall Show Highlights

Last night’s Arsenio Hall Show was all about Prince. It was an ambitious hour of late-night television that did many things right. It also, however, did enough things wrong that I can’t recommend watching the entire episode from start to finish unless you are a diehard Prince fan.

The show started off with a cold open performance from Prince and 3rdeyegirl:

Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

My name is Arsenio Hall, and I’m wearing purple drawers right now. And it’s not because Prince is here. When I did my laundry I mixed the reds and the blues together. It’s a thing that happens to guys sometimes.

Radio Shack announced that they’re closing 1100 of their stores. Industry analysts say this move could actually affect four customers.

There was a video up for auction this week, but the auction got cancelled. The video allegedly shows John F. Kennedy, our former president, and his brother, Robert Kennedy, having a threesome with Marilyn Monroe. The video, they say, is like the Zapruder film, only in this film you distinctly see two shooters.

There were no comedy segment bits.

Prince was the only couch guest. He is, among many things, a musician. The interview was good. Prince was about as friendly and outgoing as he could be considering how shy and reserved he is. If you don’t have a ton of time I would suggest focusing on the performances more than this interview. If you’ve got the time, then here it is:

Prince and 3rdeyegirl then did another song:

In what I considered to be the lowest point of the show, Prince did a Q&A segment in the audience with audience members. He looked immensely uncomfortable the entire time. The audience questions were thin, and Prince’s answers were lame. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Arsenio brought over some tool named Steve who was having relationship issues with his long distance girlfriend. Prince then called the girl and told her Steve was breaking up with her. It was supposed to be entertaining, but it really wasn’t.

Liv Warfield, a guest of Prince, also performed. She was wonderful:

Prince, 3rdeyegirl and The New Power Generation did one last song to close the show. All of the performances were superb, but this one was my favorite:

Great show. I give it:


– Woody

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