Tonight Show Highlights

Well, Jay Leno is back at the helm of the Tonight Show. Let’s see how he did his first night back. Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits:

We were off for the last couple of weeks…kinda like the Russians as the Olympics.

We have one of the gold medal winners, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, on the show tonight. When it comes to going downhill nobody is faster, except for NBC.

Blackwater Worldwide, the State Departments largest security contractor, well now they’ve been accused of hiring prostitutes with tax dollars and putting them on the company payrolls. They say this is the first time tax money has been used to pay a bunch of whores since that Wall Street bailout.

Keanu Reeves has signed to star in Speed 3. Remember the original there was a runaway bus. Then the second one was a runaway boat. This latest one will star a Toyota.

The desk segment was Jay’s search for a desk. I actually really enjoyed the segment and think it’s worth watching:

Jamie Foxx was the first couch guest. Between getting the crowd to do the wave and various chants, spraying people with champagne, signing, playing air guitar, telling jokes and pretending to speed skate, he was a complete bundle of energy. It was an entertaining interview.

Lindsey Vonn was the second couch guest. She gave a pretty decent interview and did a nice job holding her own between Jay and Jamie. Plus, she’s really tall.

Braid Paisley was the musical guest. He rocked a Country beat.

A good first show back. I give it:


– Woody

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