Late Late Show Highlights

Craig Ferguson decided to conduct an experiment with Tuesday night’s Late Late Show. He removed the audience and only had one guest for the entire hour. If that’s not a call to review the show, I don’t know what is.

He described his plan and explained his thoughts behind it in the pre-opening credit segment:


Stephen Fry was the only couch guest. He’s in the new Alice in Wonderland film. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Stephen on television in the past, but never so much at once. After only a few minutes I completely understood why Craig picked Stephen to be his guest for this show. Not only is Stephen entertaining and charismatic, but he’s also very intelligent and worldly. When he spoke I found myself really paying attention to what he said, and actually understanding it, as opposed to his conclusions flying over my head. For me, Stephen as a person really seemed to make sense.

Needless to say I enjoyed watching the interview. It’s in four installments, however, and I recognize that not everyone has the time to watch the entire thing. So if you want to get a feel for the whole experience I’d recommend watching the second installment, which you can do right here, right now:


If you have time to watch the rest you can click here to watch the first part, click here to watch the third part and click here to watch the fourth part.

Craig ended the show discussing the experiment with Stephen:


So, I liked the show, appreciated Craig’s desire to run this experiment and was happy to indulge him. That being said, I honestly hope he doesn’t do it again, or at least very often. I find the Late Late Show to be very unique in the way it entertains, and this episode was, by Craig’s own admittance, not unique.

I give it:


– Woody

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