Tonight Show Highlights

It looks like this could be Conan’s last week hosting The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to review two of his final shows today and Thursday. Here were my favorite monologue jokes and bits:

Hello, I’m Conan O’Brien and I need all of you to write me a letter of recommendation.

A lot of papers are reporting that I am now legally prohibited from saying anything negative about NBC. So good night ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a great show.

Last night at the Golden Globes Julia Roberts said NBC was in the toilet. NBC was upset and toilets were furious.

And then there was this:

Yesterday the founder of Taco Bell passed away at the age of eighty-six. Yeah. Still no word on whether he’s going to have a funeral or a Funeral Supreme.

And this:

The desk segments were potential job offers that Conan has received and another theory by staff writer Deon. Both were funny and worth watching:

Martin Scorsese was the first couch guest. He is the director of the new film Shutter Island. Martin is an Academy Award winning director of some great American films. It was neat to see him talking with Conan, but honestly Martin’s star power wasn’t enough for me to consider the interview special or unique. Overall it was a good interview, it just wasn’t great.

Colin Firth was the second couch guest. He stars in the movie A Single Man. I think Colin is a really good actor and I’ve enjoyed his performances. The interview was fun and I liked it a lot more than Martin’s interview.

Kooza from Cirque du Soleil was the performance guest. I wish I had a clip to show it. It was incredible. You can go here to start the full episode and skip to the last segment if you want to watch it.

Good show. I give it:


– Woody

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