Late Late Show Highlights

I’ve been getting subtle hints that I should expand my reviews to include The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I admit that I’ve resisted discussing Late Late up until now because, well, honestly, it’s a challenging show to review. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Ferguson’s humor, and it’s refreshing to watch a show that isn’t as tightly scripted as the other late night options. The downside, however is that he’s not a soundbite kinda guy, which makes it difficult to pick out specific bits that come across as funny when re-told here. Attempts end up being multiple, “guess you had to be there” kinda things.

For example, his monologue last night was basically one long story that as a whole was entertaining and made me laugh, but it didn’t leave me with any one- or two-line jokes that I can list. So, since you had to be there, you can watch it here. But hurry before they take it down:


The desk segment was spent answering viewer emails. It was a pretty funny segment. Ferguson is really great at improvisational entertainment. Again, enjoy it before it’s taken down.


Madeline Albright was the first couch guest. She was Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton. They spent the first half of the interview talking about her new book Read My Pins, and the second half talking about becoming American citizens and the American experience. I wouldn’t have thought that Albright and Ferguson would mesh well together, but they did and the interview was good. Ferguson had some goofy moments and Albright played along with them nicely.

Rodrigo y Gabriela was the musical guest. They were really great:


Good show. I’ll try and review more of them in the future. I give it:


– Woody

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