Late Show Highlights

Conan and Fallon are off this week, but that’s ok because Letterman is back in the building! Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Show with David Letterman:

Hot in New York City today. Will you back me up on that one? Here’s how hot it is in New York City today. I’m driving to work and my navigation lady tells me to go to Dairy Queen. It was so hot I was sweating like granny before a death panel. Seriously, it was so hot John went home to Kate just for the cold shoulder.

You know what; it’s the fortieth anniversary of Woodstock. Every year on the anniversary they try to recreate some of the concert activity, and there was a big crowd out there over the weekend. It was ugly though, someone was passing around some bad Lipitor. Time just shoots by. One day you’re in a muddy field listening to Joan Baez, and the next day you’re screaming at a town hall meeting about health care.

The desk segments where really good. Dave did everything from hose down people outside the theater, to deliver Starbucks to a woman in the audience, to list the Top Ten Tiger Wood Excuses to entertain us with a guy jumping over a New York hot dog cart.

Quentin Tarantino was the first couch guest. He has written and directed the movie Inglourious Basterds (yes, that is the spelling of the movie), which comes out this week. The interview was fine. It was entirely about the movie, and Quentin wasn’t nearly as over the top as I’ve seen him in other interviews.

Eric Ripert was the second couch guest. Eric is a chef in New York City. He spent the interview making a quick meal while Dave stood around. What made the interview great was that Dave was hilarious, and Chef Ripert was cracking up every other second. Normally when chefs come on late night shows they get upset when hosts try to be funny and make light of their art. But Chef Ripert took nothing personally and had a lot of fun.

The Robert Cray band was the musical guest. It was a good performance. Check it out.

Overall I give the show a B+.

– Woody

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