Late Show Highlights

Anyone see the Late Show with David Letterman last night? It was a heck of a show. A heck. These were my favorite monologue jokes:

It’s really nice outside. Here’s how nice it is in New York City. Crack dealers, you know the crack dealers, they’re selling Dove Bars.

You know about big time baseball All-Star Manny Ramirez? Played for the Red Sox, now he plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. What a slugger, you know what I’m saying? A couple of days ago they found out he tested positive for drug use. And you know what the drugs are that he was using: female hormone fertility drugs. And the Dodgers were suspicious cause Manny kept missing games because of morning sickness.

Dave did a segment on a scene from Star Trek. I don’t know how I missed those cameos.

The Top Ten Surprises in the Sarah Palin Memoir was also good. Number 8 was my favorite.

Robin Williams was Dave’s first guest. Williams is recovering from open heart surgery, so he and Dave spent the first fifteen minutes commiserating and bonding on their similar experiences. You couldn’t tell that Williams had been under the knife eight weeks ago by how energetic and funny he was. It was just non-stop jokes. I think he was funnier in ten minutes then in my entire life. Here’s part of that conversation:

Robin is coming to Durham, NC in October. I may have to see that.

Wynton Marsalis was the musical guest. He was fabulous.

Overall, the show was a solid A.

– Woody

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