Tonight Show Highlights

Since Jay Leno only has two weeks left I thought I’d review some of his final shows as a late night host. I’ve always liked Leno, especially when he would guest-host for Carson. I think he’s a good entertainer. But as my reviews have shown, I tend to choose Letterman over Leno for the 11:30 time slot. It’s just how I roll.

Anyone see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night? These were my favorite monologue jokes:

I’m sorry if I seem a little tired. I was on the phone all night talking Conan through his first earthquake. They say the earthquake lasted fifteen seconds. That’s what guys say. Women say it was more like two seconds. It’s really true that animals can sense earthquakes. Just before the earthquake hit my cat sent me a Twitter.

Well, some sad news, even more people out of work this spring. But enough about the Houston Rockets.

The economy is so bad that the Pope went to see Angels and Demons just for the free air conditioning. The economy is so bad that FedEx is now shipping everything UPS.

Cameron Diaz was Leno’s first guest. Have you seen her biceps lately? Wow. She must be doing the Michelle Obama workout. I don’t remember the actually interview. I was just transfixed by her arms. I kid. The interview was good. Cameron is a nice person and it was neat to watch her and Jay talk about cars, speeding tickets and fear of heights.

Kirk Fox was the second guest. His standup was good.

Blink-182 was the musical guest. I’m a big Blink-182 fan it was it was good to see them reunited and playing music again.

Overall, the show was a B.

– Woody

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