Late Show Highlights

Here were my favorite monologue jokes from last night’s Late Show with David Letterman:

So nice today here in New York City; terrorists were jihadding in the Park.

I gotta thing, kind of a dilemma. Help me out. Is it too soon to hit on Tipper Gore?

This was a surprise. They announced that Al Gore and his wife, long-time married couple, separating, and they may get a divorce. Apparently here’s what happened: they experience global cooling.

The oil spread is getting bad. There’s so much oil and tar now in the Gulf of Mexico Cubans can now walk to Miami.

The desk segments included a funny story about giving a presentation at his sons’ kindergarten class, and the Top Ten Things Overheard at Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding. It was pretty funny and is worth watching:


Jessica Biel was the first couch guest. She’s in the new A-Team movie. Jessica is a nice person and a decent actress, but I didn’t enjoy watching her on the show. The first half of her interview was a story about being lost on a mountain in Aspen…with her cell phone. The second half was about how she didn’t watch the original A-Team show in order to prepare for the movie. I found no pleasure in her appearance.

Between guests Letterman’s announcer Alan Kalter had a fun segment:


Lee DeWyze was the second couch guest. He is the American Idol Season 9 winner. I don’t watch Idol, so I knew nothing about Lee before the interview. I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it quite a bit. Lee is a normal and down to earth guy, and I thought he did a nice job talking with Letterman. The interview is worth watching:


I haven’t included his performance because, while I think he has a great voice, I didn’t enjoy his rendition of U2’s “Beautiful Day.” It’s on YouTube if you want to see it.

Good show. I give it.

– Woody

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