ECCC Shots

We had a great time at Emerald City ComiCon this year with our fellow TNP Press webcomic buddies, Denis Caron of Anhedonia Blue and L.A.W.L.S. and Ali Showkati of Spaghetti Strap Western. We also shared our booth with Cari Corene of Toilet Genie. Here was the front of our booth:

TNP booth front

And here was the side. Our stuff is there on the left:

TNP booth side

The doors opened Saturday at 10:00 AM. Right around 4:30 PM we had our first sale. It was a copy of our limited-edition WAH mini-comic containing our first fifty strips:

Our first sale

I think we printed five hundred copies and sold eight. It might have been seven and we gave one away. I can’t remember.

We also had three prints for sale. The first was the limited-edition ECCC print that is currently filling in for what would normally be Monday’s strip. The second was our shower strip. We printed two hundred and fifty of those. Here was the first of three people to buy one:

Print sale

Our third print was the Thanksgiving Cereal strip. We figured that most conventioneers liked cereal and holidays, so we printed one thousand copies. Turns out none of them were really the combination of the two that much.

WAH appeals to a limitless number of genders. Still, it was amazing that a female was willing to be seen talking to us. She even agreed to hold our mini-comic:

Even a woman dug us

I don’t think she purchased it, however.

We weren’t the only people basking in success. Stan “The Man” Lee was just a stone’s throw away from us. Of course, a stone wouldn’t have hit him since he couldn’t be seen by anyone who wasn’t directly all up in his business:

Stan crowd

I would have to say that the highlight of the weekend was when Brad Guigar of Evil Inc. stopped to talk with us. He was a pleasure to talk to and was even nice enough to pose for a picture:

Brad G


Those are the con-shots. On Thursday I’ll have some lessons learned.

– Ben

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