Late Night Highlights

It’s time for another Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here were my favorite monologue jokes:

The DOW hit its highest point in a year today. China was like, “Awww, don’t spend it all at once little guy.”

Gold prices have reached a record high today, $1100 an ounce. Bad news for the dollar, but great news for the inside of T Pain’s mouth.

The desk segments were Shout Outs and Rush Limbaugh Karaoke. Shout Outs contained various Late Night people giving silly recognition to various people, places and things. It was ok. Rush Limbaugh Karaoke involved three members of the studio audience singing actually quotes from Limbaugh. It was ok too. Neither one is necessary to watch in order to feel like you had a complete day, however.

Laurence Fishburne was the first couch guest. I’m a huge fan of Fishburne. I think he’s a great actor and a really cool guy. I really enjoyed the interview, despite the fact that Jimmy couldn’t stop slobbering all over him. (I probably would have done the same thing, but I’m not about to admit that.) The clip contains the first half of the interview:

Elmo and Rosita were the second couch guests. They were there to promote the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. The interview was hilariously chaotic. I think Fallon had talking points, but those quickly went out the window as Elmo and Rosita stole the show. It was fun watching Jimmy attempt to take back control while Fishburne stood next to him laughing his ass off at everything that was going on. The clip contains most of the interview:

Groovaloo was the musical/dance guest. They were really talented.

Good show. I give it:


– Woody

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