Late Night Highlights

Apparently all the late night hosts decided to take last night off without clearing it with me first. The silver lining, however, is it gives me the opportunity to review the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon episode from last week with the Monty Python gang. Here were my favorite monologue jokes, some of which are a little dated:

Yesterday the Democrat’s health care bill made it past the Senate Finance Committee in a 14-9 vote. Sorry if I spoiled the ending for you guys, I know a lot of you probably Tivo C-Span. Republican Senator Olympia Snow broke ranks with her party and voted for the Democrat’s health care bill. She’s been missing every since. I’m so psyched cause I had Olympia Snow on my Fantasy Congress Team. The bill easily made it through with a vote of 9 to 14, or as Roman Polanski calls it, the perfect age range.

The Spice Girls confirmed that the group is now planning an exciting second reunion tour. Yeah. They’re going to play all their hit.

This Halloween Twitter users will get the chance to communicate with the dead in the world’s first Twéance. That sounds twuly twucking tweapy to me.

The desk segment was Wheel of Carpet Samples. This is a game show-type skit that’s been done many times before, but has never been very funny. Well, tonight’s was better and worth watching. John Cleese was in it, and it was very silly:

The couch guests for the whole show were four off the six members of Monty Python: John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones. The interview starts out very silly and ends as normally as an interview can with these guys. It’s worth watching all four clips, but if you only have time to watch one clip, watch the first one.

The show ended with Eric Idle signing a song from Life of Brian:

It was a good show. And I commend Fallon for riding along with the silliness. I give it:


– Woody

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