Late Show Highlights

Anyone see The Late Show with David Letterman last night?  I give it a B+. The monologue was pretty decent, but I wish he would find new people to pick on then the standard group of A-Rod, Madonna and Bernie Madoff.

One of the things I admire most about Letterman is his story telling ability. He is able to take a 30 second event and stretch it out to five minutes of epic adventure with humor interlaced throughout. That’s not easy to do.

Another Letterman strength is his interactions with his guest. Last night was a good example. His first guest, Russell Brand, was hilarious. I don’t think many people here find his British humor very funny, but he cracks me up. Here was my favorite quote from his story about getting kicked off a plane back when he was on drugs (he’s been clean six years now):

“This was in less happy times when I necessarily had to bring some medication which had not been sanctioned by the government.”

His second guest, Jack Hanna, has been on Letterman every year since 1985.  Jack brings weird and exotic animals on the Late Show. He’s the perfect straight man for some classic Letterman wit. But you can tell there is a deep friendship there.

– Woody

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