In July 2009 I ate an entire World’s Largest Gummy Bear™ over eleven days. I’m not going to lie to you, it was a huge challenge and I often questioned whether or not I was the right idiot for the job. But deep in my heart I knew that if I stayed focused and true to myself I would evolve from the experience. I’m happy to say that significant growth did occur. It wasn’t “emotional” or “intellectual” per se, but I did grow nonetheless.

It is now September 2010, and I have returned to face the next great gummy challenge. This time I will attempt to eat an entire World’s Largest Gummy Worm™. I have named this WLGW Cherry N. Applegummy. She is a combination of cherry and apple gummy flavoring. She measures 24.5 inches long, 1.75 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall.

Like with my WLGB, I plan to eat Cherry N. Applegummy seven days a week until she is gone. I will also be blogging about the experience, so come back to this page every few days and see if experience anymore person growth.

Update – 09/06/2010

It’s obvious that Cherry N Applegummy has a lot of flavor, but did you know that she also has a lot of personality?

For example, she’s really funny. Here she is telling a joke to my cat:

By the end of punch line she had my cat ROFL:

She’s also a big science fiction fan. We recreated a few scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope. In this picture she was pretending to be a Star Destroyer:

Afterward we played charades. Can you guess what she was?

That’s right, she was a wormhole.

Eventually, however, fun time was over and we got down to business. The eating of Cherry N. Applegummy began…with gummy worm sandwich:

That’s it for now. Come back in a few days and check in on how we’re doing. You’ll almost be glad you did.

Update – 09/09/2010

I honestly thought it would take me a lot longer to eat this gummy worm.

A mere 72 hours ago this is what Cherry N. Applegummy looked like:

And this is what she looks like this morning:

Notice anything different?

Heck, she’s small enough now to fit in a glass:

I think there are three reasons why Cherry N. Applegummy has disappeared so quickly:

First, she’s delicious. I mean really delicious. You wouldn’t think she’d be so delicious, but she is delicious.

Second, she has clearly defined segments which make it easy to decide where to slice. Then, once I have that piece in my hand, I’m back to reason number one.

Third, I’m a pig. I mean, let’s face it, I’m eating a World’s Largest Gummy Worm™ by myself. But I’m ok with that, cause she’s delicious.

But even with all those very good reasons, I really did think Cherry N Applegummy would last longer.

I fear that she may not make it to Friday.

Update – 09/10/2010

She didn’t make it to Friday.

The last bite of Cherry N. Applegummy, my World’s Largest Gummy Worm™, was taken on Thursday afternoon.

I ate Cherry starting with the ends and worked my way to her middle. Saving the middle, where the cherry and apple flavors came together, for last was an extra treat. Not only was the mix of flavors really yummy, each segment looked pretty cool. Check out these one-of-a-kind. never-to-be-repeated works of natural art:

Well, I think they’re cool at least. Oh, and don’t tell my wife what I did in order to get these shots.

Cherry N. Applegummy was awesome, and I’m bummed that she’s gone already. It took less than half the time to consume her as it did Penelope Pineapple. Either I’m getting better at this, which could one day be a marketable skill, or I’m just killing myself faster, which could one day not be a marketable skill. I’m not really sure.

– Ben

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