Wrong Time And Place To Get A Laugh

I had my first WAH-related anxiety dream last night.

I was staying in the guest room at Paul’s house. He was living in this Victorian house, the kind that was built around 1850, is a really bright color and has four floors. It’s the sort of place that I think looks cool from the outside, but I’d never want to own all that space and pay for the upkeep.

Anyway, I was trying to post that day’s comic on my laptop, but somehow I ended up posting a week’s worth of comics all at the same time by accident. I then spent what seemed like forever trying to fix it by scheduling two of the comics to post on future dates. The problem was that I couldn’t confirm what today’s date (in my dream) was, so I couldn’t tell ComicPress what future dates to use for the other comics. I searched everywhere for the date, and when I found it, I couldn’t get it to match up with the calendar in ComicPress. No matter what I did, the dates I needed just would not show up for me to select.

On top of all that, for some reason, my mom and step-father were staying in Paul’s house too, and they were waiting for me to go out lunch with them. So I jumped into the swimming pool, which, I guess, was going to be faster than taking a shower. Feeling clean I got out, but there wasn’t a towel to dry off with. So I ran into Paul’s wife, Jen, and asked her if she has a towel. She decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take me on a ridiculously long tour of each nuance and feature in every room on the first floor.

So, now I’m standing in the hallway, wet, while Jen is in a room explaining each piece of furniture. I hear a noise and then a bunch of kids run past me, giggling. I then realize that I’m not wearing any swim trunks. So I yell at Jen to quit giving me a tour and get me a towel.  She snaps to attention and runs to find me a towel. But by then it was too late, as I had finally woken up.

Have a great weekend everybody.

– Ben